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The European AI Act - Article from Dr. Susann Funke, Head of Legal at LEX AI

"With the German approval of the #AIRegulation, we are committed to legal certainty and trustworthy #AI made in Europe," commented Economics Minister Robert Habeck.

And Dr. Marco Buschmann, the Federal Minister of Justice, said: "With the European AI Regulation, we are paving the way for a secure legal framework for artificial intelligence that promotes innovation and at the same time adequately addresses risks in its application."

Government circles stated that the AI Act would be approved, but that the EU Commission would be asked to clarify key practical issues in the short term in order to avoid double burdens for the economy. These included the relationship with other product regulation acts (medical devices) and legal issues relating to the further development of AI models (fine-tuning).

In light of current discussions our Co-Founder, Dr. Susann Funke published her view on the new AI Act.


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