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The Solution

The Legal Knowledge Hub - powered by AI

LEX AI provides an all-in-one platform linking 24/7 legal news and updates with highly relevant regualtory content in an innovative legal design.


Up to 75% efficiency gain

LEX AI unleashes highly valuable time and capacity and will generate up to 75% efficiency gains and cost savings in legal research and knowledge management tasks - with immediate effort on productivity and bottom line.

Our Content

The unique 24/7 Legal Newsfeed

LEX AI provides an international 24/7 Newsfeed dedicated to legal and regulatory updates from lawmakers, governments, national and international Regulators, courts, EU Commission, standardization bodies, political institutions and selected subject matter experts. Forget about researching numerous websites and legal sources. Never miss any specific topic again.

Our Content

Your regulatory research & knowledge hub

LEX Al provides a powerful Al-powered Legal Tech platform that enables Lawyers and regulatory professionals in corporations and institutions to manage the massive flow of updates in laws and regulations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable everyone to navigate the complex legal landscape - at a glance.
Our vision is to aggregate and enhance regulatory sources and connect legal and business professionals globally.

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